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What goes into filming a new wedding band video?

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And Why Do We Go To All The Bother?

At Hireaband we take pride in making sure that our bands have only the best promotional videos that show them off in not only their best light, but also are a true reflection of how they are in a live environment. 

This is not always an easy task as a good band should always be better live than they are in their videos. 

A few years ago we decided to move our video production in house and make sure. We know the bands better than an outside broadcast house and therefore are best placed to make sure we can show them off. 

Most recently we took to the Kent countryside to do a new video for Tommy & Sons - a band that have been performing at weddings and events for years, but needed some new promo! 

Tommy and Sons are among some of the finest wedding bands London has to offer and it is always an absolute pleasure to work with them. 

To get the most out of the video it means having lots of different shots to choose from. The idea is to make it as close to watching a real band as possible to show what the human eye might do when watching. 

Tommy Sons mumford Wedding Band

With the style of this band, there was no better setting than a natural barn! The band are ideal for a rustic or festival barn wedding or party so it was important to show them in this setting. 

We arrived at around 9am and before anything else made friends with the dogs! We even took our own dog along to visit a farm (FYI, she had the best time out of all of us).  

Tommy Sons Folk Wedding Band with dog

The setup takes about 2 hours to put everything together and then we get on with the filming, this usually takes 3-4 hours with all the different camera position changes and setups (and of course a break for some lunch). 

At the end of the shoot we have a little bit of time left to do some photos before the daylight disappeared and then we pack everything down and head for home. 

It was a long day, and it was cold, but it was worth it. We are really pleased with how the videos came out and this superb band are now available for bookings! 


 If you’re in a great covers band or are a new band needing a help to get started, and you’d like to experience the 5 star treatment that comes with representation by Hireaband, have a look at this information and get in touch for a friendly chat. You never know, it could be you starring in our next big promo video