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Using Video to Promote your Band

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Using Video to Promote Your Band

It’s never been quicker, cheaper or easier to use video to promote your band or act.

Big players in the music industry are focusing their efforts towards the creation of high-quality video content designed to increase their profile.

But most are doing it wrong.

After my video production company - Artifact Media - produced several videos for acts managed by Hireaband, all of which had huge success, MD Del Cotton asked for my quick tips on how musicians can improve their video marketing. Having recently written my book ‘Grow Your Business with Video’, I was happy to help out.

Like 99% of business owners and marketers, most people simply aren’t using video to its full potential. Worse, the message itself doesn’t hit the mark - usually it’s all “me, me, me”, and the viewer (read: your potential client) is left feeling bored, alienated and put-off.

Thankfully, you only need to follow a handful of principles to improve the effectiveness of your video marketing from now until forever. As a performing artist, your work is inherently visual-centric - a wonderful position to be in from a marketing perspective. So let’s try and make the most of it, shall we?


Set your standards high

If you want your act to be associated with high quality, then your video content needs to reflect that. Use the best equipment you can get your hands on, even if that’s just a smartphone - make sure your camera settings are set to the max.

Don’t forget about audio - you’re in the business of sound, after all! Invest in a proper microphone and don’t settle for lackluster sound. Again, this still applies if you’re just using a smartphone.


Show off your personality

Your music is important, but so is your personality. Give people the chance to get to know you, as well as your songs. Be yourself – genuine and authentic. Talk about why you love doing what you do - it’s not just about how you perform on stage.


Benefits, not features

It can be tempting to reel off a list of facts in your videos, such as: “we have five members, we play a range of instruments, and we take requests” etc. Whilst this is important, it’s more imperative that your potential clients understand the benefits of booking your act. Thus, talk about how your client and their event will benefit from your unique characteristics.

For example, having five members could equate to “an energetic, captivating live show”.

Or having a range of instruments might mean “a more memorable experience, a fantastic sound more authentic to the songs you know and love”.

Step into your customer’s shoes and think about what they want.


Be energetic and animated

It should go without saying, but the performance in your video should reflect your performance in “real life”.

It can seem unnatural at first, but imagine you’re playing to an eager crowd even if the only attendee on your shoot is the videographer.

Your prospects want a taste of how you’ll perform on their special day, so show ‘em. Don’t hold back!


Make more videos!

If you only have one video to promote your band, you’re effectively leaving money on the table. Long story short - you’re more likely to get booked if you have a range of content available for your audience.

Sure - a good first impression is important, so make sure you have a solid, 3-4 minute promo front-and-centre of your website and social media pages. But remember that short-form content like quick updates, insights, and behind-the-scenes clips receive great engagement, and may be all your prospect needs to seal the deal. Most importantly, get testimonials from your previous clients wherever possible - these can become the most valuable marketing assets in existence.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be hard - all you need to do is put yourself in your clients’ position. Show them what they want to see, teach them what they need to learn, and prove that you’re the right choice for their event.

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