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Thinking about Aberdeen wedding bands? Let's talk about what's involved in hiring a Ceilidh band.

The Luan Effect


Thinking about Aberdeen wedding bands? Let’s talk about what’s involved in hiring a Ceilidh band.

There is undoubtedly an awful lot of planning that goes into your wedding, and deciding on the right genre of band is without doubt a big part of it. However just for a minute, skip ahead to the morning after your special day and just imagine…….

All your guests are still beaming as they (slowly!) remember dancing away the night before quietly satisfied that they managed to keep up with the ceilidh band caller! Their feet are aching, their ears are still pounding and their cheeks are sore from laughing as the best ceilidh wedding band in Aberdeen entertained them for hours.

Hireaband are proud to promote and manage the best wedding bands of all genres that play regularly in Aberdeen. Each band on our site has submitted their demos, you can read their reviews and hum away as you browse through their set lists imagining the night to come.

 So, what exactly is a Ceilidh and why would you consider hiring a Ceilidh band in Aberdeen this season?

In a word, (well 2 actually) because a Ceilidh is brilliant fun! It is a way of dancing that includes jigs, reels and hornpipes! It’s a Scottish version of what the English among us would compare to Morris or Barn dancing but heaps faster and much more enjoyable. Your guests will be interacting before you know it and the entertainment value in itself is worth its weight in gold.  Your dance floor is guaranteed to be heaving as well which is what every bride or groom hopes for.

Ceilidh bands are vastly experienced at playing at weddings and are fully aware of the first dance! Everyone has a special song and depending on your choice of band they can either play your 1st dance live (Luan are amazing at this) or you may wish to have your 1st dance provided by an iPod if your Ceilidh band are unable to play it for you.

To get your guests in the mood the band will usually play a couple of warm up songs before the ‘caller’ invites your guests onto the dance floor. They will walk your guests through the steps slowly at first to make sure everyone understands and then the fun will begin! All our Ceilidh bands are vastly experienced at reading their audience and know exactly when to bring them to a frenzy and when to calm them back down!


Why would you choose a ceilidh band over a DJ or party band?

Personal choice is a large factor and just because you’ve chosen to hire a Ceilidh band, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show Aberdeen a bit of disco! Many Ceilidh bands such as the fantastic Luan also do disco and live covers and what’s great is that it doesn’t matter if your wedding is a small or large affair because a Ceilidh band suits both.

If you’re worried that your guests don’t have any experience of ceilidh dancing then don’t! You can have a ‘caller’ within the band who will shout instructions on how to carry out each dance. The age of your guests shouldn’t be a considering factor either because a good ceilidh band will have a vast repertoire of dances varying in speed so that everyone can join in.

 How much space do Ceilidh bands need?

Whether you are hiring a ceilidh band or any other genre, to be honest the same rule applies. “You definitely do not want your band to look big in this!” Of course we are speaking about your wedding venue and really, the more room the better. We have visited most of the wedding venues in Aberdeen and are happy to advise from a bands perspective what they need, however as far as the venue is concerned your best bet is to contact them directly.

How much do Ceilidh bands cost?

Wedding bands in Aberdeen are not cheap, however you can get a brilliant band to reflect your budget. Ceilidh bands vary in size, popularity and experience and this is all reflected in their costs. We have bands to suit all budgets, however you should  remember that not all the wedding bands that play in Aberdeen are actually based there, so it’s a good idea to check the actual distance they will need to travel to your wedding (because they will charge expenses). Hireaband offer ‘all inclusive’ costs for the likes of Luan when they travel to Aberdeen so there will be no nasty surprises! Remember to book as early as you can as the more popular dates get booked up quickly and sometimes band tend to hike up their prices then to! The more flexible you can be with your dates the more likely you will be to get the band and price you want.

OK, so you know you are looking to hire a Ceilidh band for your wedding in Aberdeen, how do you go about it?

Give us a call free on 0800 612 3320, we’ll be delighted to hear from you or if you’ve found a band you love, simply add them to your shortlist and enquire online. We are here to help and look forward to putting you in touch with the best Ceilidh band for your day.



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