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Male Tribute Acts

Best Male Tribute Acts For Hire Across The UK

The wonderful thing about booking a tribute act is that the audience has a good idea of what to expect on their night out. It's much easier for instance to sell seats for Freddie Mercury than it is for Frank Higgenbottom.  Now for all we know Frank may well be a brilliant Freddie Mercury tribute, but that's just it; if we haven't heard of him, how can you expect to get bums on seats when he's performing in your venue or at your event.

We love tribute acts at Hireaband and we spend a lot of time making sure the acts we're privileged to represent are as much like their heroes as can be.  We want the look, the sound and the mannerisms of the original act, not someone who sings the odd song on karaoke and whose friends think they're a dead ringer.

So if you're in the market for a top tribute act then rest assured we've seen every single act on this page in action. The talk the talk and walk the walk.

We love making your life easier, so get an instant quote for your favourite act in the whole world today. It couldn't be easier.

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The Elton Experience

A fantastic tribute to the magic of Sir Elton John.

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