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How to get the best out of the new Hireaband web site

How to use Hireaband

The new Hireaband web site has been designed to make finding great bands and acts in your local area simple, fast and easy.  Here's the very best way to get instant quotes for bands and acts in your area that are already confirmed to be available on your date.

On either your phone, tablet or PC use the search tool by selecting the date of your event, the type of entertainment you're looking for - i.e. wedding bands and finally the location nearest to your event venue.  Then hit "Search"

After a few seconds (the site is checking the diary of up to 800 different acts), you'll be presented with a list of options.

You can filter the options you have by male vocals, female vocals, whether or not the band has a brass section, offers a DJ or ceilidh option, in fact you can even type in the name of your favourite artist or song to be shown bands that perform them.

You've now got a list of acts who match all your criteria; add the acts you like the look of to your shortlist - and then make an enquiry.  You'll get instant quotes for all these bands without having to make multiple enquiries. Because you're already selected your date and region, you can be sure that the bands on offer are free and available in your area.

You'll get an email straight away giving you a summary of your event and the quotes for each of the acts you like (make sure you check your junk folder in case the email has ended up there). If you'd like to make a booking, get in touch straight away as we operate on a first come first served basis. Otherwise someone from your local office will be in touch to provide more details and to answer any questions you may have.

That's all there is to it. Happy surfing!