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How to choose your first dance song

How to choose your first dance song

How to choose your first dance song.

Obviously the first dance together as a married couple will stay in your memory for a very long time. It’s the most important dance of the night so it deserves a little consideration before you decide what it’s going to be.

Surely it’s just a matter of picking your favourite song, the one that means most to you both, perhaps the song that was playing in the background when you first met (unless that was in a lift, in which case pick something else!)

But wait a minute; there are a few things to consider. Here’s a list of pointers;

  • If it’s a relatively recent song, will it stand the test of time? In 10 years when you’re watching the DVD of your wedding and you’re dancing to The Spice Girls, you’ll get a beamer!
  • Classics are classics for a reason – and people will admire your good taste no matter how often you watch it back
  • Is it danceable? Really slow songs can lead to a wee bit of a shuffle on the dance floor.  Slightly faster songs can help create a really happy atmosphere at what is the biggest party of your life
  • Can the band do it justice? If you have a male vocalist in your band and your song is a Celine Dion number, it’s going to sound a little weird
  • Is it really appropriate?  Some popular first dance tunes aren’t really as romantic as they seem at first.  Bands have a wee laugh when people choose things like Lou Reed’s Perfect Day – a song about heroin, or The Police – Every Breath You Take, a song about stalking!  Don’t get me wrong, if those are your songs, by all means go for it, but it’s worth knowing in advance so that you can stop any musical smart Alec in his/her tracks

The best tip we can give you, no matter what song you choose, is to make sure that you look as if you’re having fun.  Your attitude during your first dance will set the tone for the entire evening. If you’ve practised your first dance with an instructor (yes it does happen) then don’t be so intent on getting the steps right that you forget that this is your first dance as a married couple.  There will be plenty of things in your future that you’ll have to take very seriously, you’re first dance isn’t one of them.