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Get to Know the Best Bands in Scotland - Sneaky Treacle

Sneaky Treacle with Guests

If you really want to know what performing in a wedding band is really like, it makes sense to ask the one band that performs at more weddings every year than any other band in Scotland. Now it's not easy catching up with a band that oftern performs at four or five weddings every week, but we rugby tackled the incredibly popular Sneaky Treacle and this is what they think.


What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to play a gig? 

All the way to Orkney Island. 

Which is your favourite wedding venue to perform in? 

Lochside House Hotel. Super easy load in, can load in whilst the meal is on, cracking staff and a stunning venue. 

Which is your favourite non-wedding venue to perform in? 

Unfortunately we don't have time for non-wedding gigs but Wembley would be nice. 

Which is your favourite song to perform? 

Geez. We all have different favourites at different times. 

Which is the most popular first dance you’re asked to play? 

Perfect by Ed Sheeran. 

What’s the best thing about playing at a wedding? 

Watching drunk folk fall over. 

What’s the worst thing about playing at a wedding? 

Watching drunk folk fall over into your gear. 

Apart from booking your band, what’s the best bit of advice you could give a couple planning their wedding? 

Make sure you see your band play live. If you're unable to do so, make sure you book through Hireaband who have seen all the bands they represent live and who only represent the very best. They have a brilliant reputation so you can relax and look forward to enjoying a great band.


Chances are, if you're planning a wedding, you'll have heard the name Sneaky Treacle. They are real legends in the industry, winning awards and getting feed back from customers who have become fans. They virtually wrote the book on how to be a wedding band. I'm not going to lie, booking this band won't be likely as they are so busy, but you never know. If they are available, don't think twice - just book them and sort out the rest of your arrangements because you simply can't make better entertainment arrangements. Check out the Sneaky Treacle page for live availability and an instant quote. It'll be the best supplier decision you'll make.