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Get to Know the Best Bands in Scotland - SHEB

SHEB Glasgows favourite wedding band

Lots of couples have the good sense to book SHEB for their wedding in Scotland. The second question we're asked after "Can I go ahead and book them please?" is "What does SHEB mean?" Well, we believe in cliff hangers here at Hireaband, so read their views on what it's like to perform at weddings in Scotland and we'll tell you somewhere in there.


What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to play a gig? 

Roughly 150 miles!

Which is your favourite wedding venue to perform in? 

We love playing at St. Lukes in Glasgow!  

Which is your favourite non-wedding venue to perform in? 

Has to the Village Inn in East Kilbride for a good pub gig, or the Hamilton Accies function suite where you can catch us for Christmas parties!  

Which is your favourite song to perform? 

Anything by Stevie Wonder or we do love a request for some Rage Against The Machine! 

Which is the most popular first dance you’re asked to play? 

Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran 

What’s the best thing about playing at a wedding? 

Being able to pull an unusual song request out the bag and have folk enjoy your version of it! 

What’s the worst thing about playing at a wedding? 

Sound limiters! If you're worried your wedding may be affected by a sound limiter, we'd recommend you read this interesting article from our exclusive agents at Hireaband

Apart from booking your band, what’s the best bit of advice you could give a couple planning their wedding? 

Plan for the day you want, and don't worry about anyone else!


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