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Get to Know the Best Bands in Scotland - Classic Noir

Classic Noir

Classic Noir are one of a select group of Scottish wedding bands to have reached legendary status. For almost a decade, they've played a huge part in making weddings fabulous for a huge number of Scottish couples. We interrupted Gav, the lead singer to find out what makes them tick and what they really think of performing at weddings.


What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to play a gig?

The furthest we've been is Poland. Twice.  The first time we flew into Gdansk and then took a drive down to Ostrada to play a wedding just outside Ostrada.  I can't tell you how cool it was.  Amazing weekend of music and fun, as well as a happy couple getting hitched!

The second time we flew into Bydgoszcz, took a shuttle to a hotel, went to the gig, played a blinder, got back in the shuttle, flew back to Glasgow and we were playing a wedding in Perth the next night!  That's as rock and roll as a wedding band can get, I think!

Which is your favourite wedding venue to perform in?

We've been lucky enough over the past eight or so years that we've managed to play loads of cool and quirky venues.  From marquees in farms, to houses in estates, we've really seen it all and I couldn't choose one especially..  That said, I did get married in Western House Hotel in Ayr, so I suppose I do have a soft spot for that..

Which is your favourite non-wedding venue to perform in?

We love them all.  As long as there is a plug socket we are down for it.  Even if there isn't power, we can still manage a gig with the Noir magic.

Which is your favourite song to perform?

I luuuuurrrrrrrrvvveee singing soooo much that I'd happily sing the telephone book just to get a hoot going.  That said I do love funk and soul as well as classic rock, so I guess something in that vein, but I'm not going to lie.  I will sing anything, especially if you pay me!

Which is the most popular first dance you’re asked to play?

Oh gosh, you know I don't think we've had many doublers over the years.  I guess some stuff by Ed Sheeran maybe, but I have a list as long as my arm of first dances we've done over the years.  Absolutely love them - They can be a little nerve-racking sometimes, but it's ultimately a really fun challenge.

What’s the best thing about playing at a wedding?

Everything!  From meeting the guys and going on a road trip to seeing happy emotional faces during the evening!  For certain making people happy and helping create an environment where people can lose themselves for a moment and dance like nobody is watching.  We get a lot of satisfaction from playing a good gig and it genuinely stokes our fires and enables us to keep on doing it.

What’s the worst thing about playing at a wedding?

Nothing.  They're some of the best gigs a band will play.  OK, maybe loading out the gear at the end of the night while the DJ blasts 'Bits & Pieces' can sometimes be a little tricky, haha.

Apart from booking your band, what’s the best bit of advice you could give a couple planning their wedding?

Try to relax a little bit once your vows are done.  It's such a wonderful day and it can fly by in the blink of an eye.  Let the band take care of the evening and drink, be merry and let yourselves go!  Also, use Hireaband for all your band related stuff!


Obviously we're proud to represent a band of this calibre, so we know you'd expect us to big them up. Rather than us going on and on, here's a review from a recent client that sums Classic Noir up nicely;

If you'd like to know if the band are available to perform at your wedding, why not visit their web site for an instant quote and up to date availability?