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Get to Know the Best Bands in Scotland - Cassien


When a band ticks as many boxes as Cassien, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that they're very much in demand. However even by our high standards here at Hireaband, we're thrilled to see how well this band is regarded by their many clients.

Who better then to put our rigorous "Get to Know the Best Bands in Scotland" questions to than Cassien, easily one of the most popular wedding bands in the country?

Here's what they really think about performing at Scottish weddings;


What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to play a gig? 

We had a gig booked in Wick but sadly it was scheduled for during 2020 so it didn’t go ahead. So, technically the furthest we’ve travelled is up to Inverness!  

Which is your favourite wedding venue to perform in? 

One of the first venues we ever played in was The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow, and it’s still one of our favourites!  

Which is your favourite non-wedding venue to perform in? 

Maggie Mays in Glasgow is always an amazing gig, full of energy and people up for a sing-a-long! 

Which is your favourite song to perform? 

Any ABBA song is always a lot of fun to play and goes down a storm! But as a saxophone player I always really love playing, and singing, Careless Whisper!  

Which is the most popular first dance you’re asked to play? 

Millionaire by Chris Stapleton 

What’s the best thing about playing at a wedding? 

The first and last moments are always the most special to witness. The first dance is a beautiful moment that normally only family get to be involved in, but we get that chance with most of our couples and it is always a pleasure. The last 20-30 minutes of a wedding are always the wildest. Loved ones have had a chance to catch up with each other and share a few drinks so the last few songs are always just about living in the moment and enjoying the music and the company! Also, the buffets are always pretty good!  

What’s the worst thing about playing at a wedding? 

Having to get changed in the toilets after we set up and after we finish performing!  If you can provide us with a decent changing room we'd be extremely grateful.

Apart from booking your band, what’s the best bit of advice you could give a couple planning their wedding? 

Whichever band you choose to entertain you and your guests, check their setlist before you book them. Even though you like the look, and song choice, of a bands video, you should check that the rest of their setlist is to your liking. 


Now you know a little bit more about the legendary Cassien, you'll probably want to find out if they're free on your date and how much they charge right? You can do that easily by visiting their web site

Click on the Instant Quotes button at the top right hand side of their home page and you're seconds away from either being very very happy, or very very disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Get your wedding entertainment spot on and book Cassien today.