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Get Ready For The Rush!!

There's a brand new band on the North West function scene and they're about to shake a few things up!

The Rush with Hireaband

Here we have the very latest offering from ex-The Coolers frontman and former X-Factor contestant Gavin Jones. It's fair to say he's a bit of a perfectionist and, with that in mind, he's decided to put together a supergroup of some of the very best musicians around.

Say hello to The Rush, a premier league Wedding Band in Manchester but known to perform across the UK. Perfect not only just for weddings, but indeed any private function or corporate event that requires the highest quality musicianship. Naturally, they're available to book from Hireaband.

Every now and again a prime opportunity comes along to take advantage of availability openings and this is definitely one of those - after all, with a new band comes a clean diary! However, supremely talented and vastly experienced across the board, it won't be long before these lads are booked solid once again.

So don't hang around, make your move now, join in The Rush and get them locked down on your date!! 

The Rush with Hireaband