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Festival Style Weddings with a Mumford & Sons Vibe - Getting the Music Right

Festival Mumford Style Weddings

Give your wedding a festival flavour with the best folk/rock/pop bands in the country.  You may be able to afford to book Mumford & Sons, but if you'd rather spend the money on the deposit on a small flat in London, then save a fortune and speak to us.  We'll show you how to do it without having to sell a major organ.

Mumford & Sons / Festival Wedding Bands

One of the most popular requests we receive at the moment is for a folky / Mumford style band for weddings and we can understand why. With so many beautiful venues across the country they fit perfectly for any barn, country house or blank canvas style venue. They provide a relaxed feel to the early evening entertainment (perhaps as evening guests arrive) and then can kick things up several gears later in the evening for the full party.

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the finest bands in this genre around but even though they all come under the Festival/Mumford & Sons heading, they can range quite considerably in style. Some are really authentic and have their roots set in Celtic and traditional folk music. They have adapted this style to play popular covers and it works wonderfully.

The other type of band is the full on party band that has the folky twist. This style of band is more likely to really know how to bring a large and upbeat sound to the evening and can also offer a more folky style with acoustic guitar (instead of electric) and sometimes upright double bass. Often the band will play a more acoustic set earlier and then go full on party mode for the rest of the evening.

Both style of band have their merits and are suitable for a wide range of people.

The only tricky thing with these bands is that they are in HUGE demand! Because of this they book up fast, often months and sometimes years in advance and of course they can demand a strong fee because of their popularity.  In fact demand is so strong that Hireaband offices across the country are actively recruiting new bands that can help meet demand. There are literally hundreds of potential bookings available for bands in this style that meet our demanding standards of professionalism and talent.

If you are looking for this style and are struggling to find something you really love, then this is where the Hireaband local offices can help. Because we know all our local bands, we can help find just the right thing for your big day.

Although these ‘themed’ folk bands are fantastic, there are many bands out there that can provide the exact same sound and feel with acoustic instruments but just don’t have the promotional material that helps show that side of what they do. That’s where our in depth knowledge of the local music scene really comes in to it’s own and benefits our clients enormously.

We have helped many happy couples find a regular party band that can give them that folky feel (sometimes at a considerably lower cost than the obvious bands). So, if you are on the hunt then your local Hireaband office should be your first port of call. We’re here, on the ground, near you and near the bands we represent, not is some huge centralised office miles away from you, your venue and your perfect band.

Our site allows you to filter by your favourite band, available on your date and in your local area, but no web site can have a conversation with you to find out what you really want to make your wedding or event perfect.   So drop us an email to with your wedding date, venue and phone number and your nearest local office will call you back at a time convenient to you.

Want to have a look at our current roster of bands that we just know you're going to love? Then click the link below, kick off your shoes, have a craft beer and a vegan burger and get on it.